New iOS7 and your iPhone

New iOS7 and your iPhone

Well iOS 7 has now been out for a little more than 2 months and people either love it, hate it, or make due. It’s pretty clear that with some of the new features such as the increase in folder storage (from 16 to 135) and the new Camera App, well for those who can take in all the features on their phones.

This is something that irks many iPhone users, the limitation based on the devices they own. If you owned an iPhone 3gs for example you wouldn’t receive any of these great features mostly because iOS7 doesn’t support the iPhone 3gs, and on your 4 and 4s you will only get to enjoy some of iOS7’s features. With these limitations setting the pace for many iPhone users it isn’t surprising that iOS7, while offering some great features (for those special few with iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C), has received a rather luke warm reception.

One of the many complaints is that, unless you own one of the later devices, the interface is not only sluggish but looks quite bland. The symbols inside the Apple Apps now are line shapes such as the share symbol upload-25, or the lineart trashcan Buzz-Trash-icon, or new message new-mail inside the Mail App. With the icons being small and usually a grey, blue or yellow color on a white backdrop, making them at times harder to see, is one of the biggest complaints I encounter.

While iOS7 on the new devices runs like a charm it does perform rather slow on the older iPhone 4 and 4s.

Upgrading to iOS7

While upgrading is somewhat of a requirement if you want to continue running all the latest apps however if you value the speed of your older device you may want to reconsider.

A few things you should consider before upgrading your device are;

  • If you value your data on the phone back it up first onto your computer or icloud
  • While you can update it without a computer I would recommend you to do it with your computer and iTunes
  • Make sure you have plenty of storage on your computer (more than 2Gb free) as the update itself is ca. 1.2Gb

If you feel somewhat uncomfortable with iOS7 or your new device which came with iOS7 you can always grab yourself one of these how to guides to help you along. If you have any further problems please don’t hesitate to contact me, by phone or email and we can find a solution for your situation together.

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