Solve it was founded in early 2007 after Philipp realized that consumers received a very slanted view of what technology they needed from department stores and online retailers vs what was really the right fit for their needs. Marketing just overwrote any needs of customers and overshadowed product shortcomings.

Having seen the service consumers received from both the sales and service side Philipp had made up his mind that the consumer needed someone on their side, researching, purchasing and finally implementing their solutions.

The decision was made and Solve IT Consultants was born. For the first 5 years Philipp ran “Solve I.T.” as Solve Information Technology but after much trying clients a would always refer to his service as “Solve it”. So after all these years “Solve it” was the moniker he went with.

Philipp zu Putlitz

Philipp zu Putlitz
Consultant / Owner

Philipp has over 22 years of computer service experience having started working at a computer store in Germany at a very early age. Since then he has worked in various small and enterprise size businesses such as Interior Health Authority of British Columbia and Wild Projects GmbH in Mannheim Germany.

He immigrated with his family in 1995 from Germany and took various computer related courses at the Okanagan University College to further his knowledge until he received his Web Development and Media Productions Diploma in 2001 from Trend College. After receiving his Diploma he managed the Design Department for Expiry Corporation with his business partner. Throughout the years his client base ranged from small businesses, non-profit organizations, to U.S. Defense Contractors.

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