Computer Solutions

Computer Repair
Getting your computer repaired or upgraded

The lifespan of a brand name computer usually is around 2-3 years at most and during that time it is exposed to a variety of situations which can diminish its life even further. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a new computer or laptop every couple of years, depending on your device you may be able to upgrade it to extend its lifespan. The same applies to simple hardware failures sometimes the replacement of parts can be cheaper than transferring all your data to a new device with a different operating system.

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Networking Services
Connect your home or office

Getting your printer, fax, computers and smart devices networked is pretty much a common practice in any business and home. The question of how they should connect, and what equipment to use is usually the deciding factor of how well they all work together. I can provide you with the information you need to ensure that your network becomes a helpful tool instead of hindering your activities.

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Software Troubleshooting
Resolve software or driver issues

Software usually is the primary issue for most computer problems and can cause problems for a variety of reasons. Not all software issues are caused by malware or viruses, many times problems appear when software requests the same resources or tries to interact with shared components which can have all sorts of effects on your computer .

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Malware & Virus Removal
Get rid of malware and virus infections

Malware, spyware and adware are not unheard off, and almost all computer users have come across some form of it while using a computer. Today the threat of malware and viruses has grown substantially, so much so that you can get infections even when you are running anti-virus software. Don’t get caught of guard and get your computers, laptops, tablets and phones secured.

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Tablet and Smartphone Services
Stay connected as well as safe

Buying your new smartphone is only the first step, setting it up with your accounts, transferring your data and making it work with your wireless printer or other devices is what follows. Most users become overwhelmed with the variety of settings and features which most of these smart-devices feature, and tend to either leave them disabled or set them up incorrectly. Ensure your device is setup correctly and works with you rather than against you.

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Data Recovery Services
Get your data back from failed hardware or software

It isn’t uncommon for media to fail, hard drives and memory sticks while commonly lasting years can fail for many reasons. While some types of failures are more devastating than others, most allow me to recover your data.

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Backup Solutions
Don’t wait until it is too late save your data

With a variety of backup solutions available to users it has become important to understand their limitations and abilities. Even more important is for you to ensure that you have a backup of your data in the first place as you do not want to loose your photos and documents.

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Security Solutions
Ensure that your information is safe

How save is your information? Securing your computer and data is a crucial in many industries and can be done in many ways and forms. Secure your email, private data, network, or your mobile devices today!

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