Hardware Solutions

Computer Upgrades
Get more out of your older computer

You hear it all the time, you purchase your computer, take it home set it up and realize you just paid for a piece of hardware which will be outdated within 2 years. Today’s technology while quite advanced comes with a variety of short comings, one which is quite notable if you buy mid-range devices, is its lifespan.

Most devices, such as desktop computers, laptops and terminals can be upgraded for relatively low cost. This is especially for businesses welcome news as the cost of transferring data from an old workstation, set it up with your network or other business peripherals can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. The same does apply for home users however their replacement/transfer costs usually are less as the products in ones home usually common consumer products.

If you’d like a quote or have questions about the options you may have with your equipment please call me today (250) 448-5341 and we can work out your options together.

Building Custom PCs
Systems built to suit your needs

Are you looking to have a custom computer built for your home or business? While these units usually are more expensive than those purchased over the counter from department stores such as; Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, Visions or Staples, they bring considerable advantages. Most notably are the lifespans of custom built computers, due to their “usually” more capable hardware as well as upgrade options, your computers lifespan can double if not triple.

For example; A custom built PC from 2007 with high quality hardware can run the current operating systems as well as handle almost all media. This computer’s lifespan was increased by hardware upgrades over the last 7 years however all the upgrades were considerably cheaper than replacing the system every 2-3 years.

Getting a custom computer system built also gives you further options regarding the systems, size, weight, ventilation requirements as well as hardware safety (lockable or mountable cases). Contact me for your custom built PC requirements and options today by calling (250) 448-5341 or by email.

Multi-Monitor Solutions
Setting up your Multi-Monitor System

Two, three, four or eight multi-monitor configurations provide a large number of advantages when it comes to a variety of industries. From monitoring Siemens Scada systems to stock and day trading platforms, utilizing multiple monitors provides a simple overview of all your data.

You can also use multiple monitor configurations to output advertisements to display panels or to televisions for a variety of sales or educational purposes. If you have questions about utilizing multiple monitors in your business or home feel free to contact me today to discuss your needs and options.

Setup and Wire Management
Special Location Setup and Cable Management

While we have moved towards wireless equipment on almost every platform we still use a lot of cables around our computer or point of sales equipment. Managing those cables as well as the mounting of the equipment in “tight” or “limited” spaces is one of the challenges most business owners face.

Contact me today to clean up your wires and equipment.

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