Security Solutions

Internet Security
Secure your browsers and internet connection

Almost everyone at this point has heard of cyber-crime and malware but many users protect themselves insufficiently and find out too late that their information has been leaked. The general understanding has been for over 10 years that an Anti-Virus program is all you need to secure your data and that your router and system firewall would protect you from other attacks. Technology and software however haven’t been at a standstill and neither have cyber-criminals. Over the last 8 years cyber-crime has grown exponentially with an estimated $110 billion dollars per year of illegally gained revenue. The normal home user is usually the target for cyber-criminals, due to the misconception of what security on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

You have many safeguards available to you to fight off scams, or malware but these have to be utilized on a daily basis. It is important to protect your digital identity as the impact of having it being stolen online can have serious effects on your every day life. Call me today to discuss your online security and provide you with the right solution to your needs.

Family Safety
Ensure that your children are safe online

The internet contains a lot of positive and helpful information but it also has it’s dark alleys and hidden dangers for which many, if not all, children are just not ready yet. Families are many times unsure as to what measures they should implement to protect their children online. Some of the dangers younger children are facing online are commonly reduced to adult content however things such as bullying, fraud, and online predators.

Children find themselves often in situations which they can’t yet comprehend, from chat rooms, to social media sites and blogs there are many hidden dangers. I can provide you with support and software in helping you manage your child’s online activities, while giving you the tools to understand and protect your child.

Data & Email Encryption
Scramble your data so only you can retrieve it

Keeping sensitive data on your computer isn’t an uncommon practice but how safe is it really? You may have read earlier that cyber-crime’s revenue per year is estimated around $110 billion dollars annually, and that is for good reason. The amount of data and identities stolen per year is staggering and shows the lack of security in regards to user information. One relatively way to secure your data is to encrypt it to prevent anyone without a special “key” or “pass-phrase”. This protects your data by making it completely unusable unless your key is used to make it usable.

The same can be done with emails, here you can utilize encryption keys which will protect your email from anyone who doesn’t have the counter part to your key. Using keys in this manner isn’t new and is commonly utilized in journalism, law & law enforcement as well as in the financial industry. Contact me today to secure your data and communications further.

Network Security
User and resource control

Device and Network Security is crucial in business as well as in home use. In any type of network it is important to ensure that your resources are available only to authorized users and protected from those who shouldn’t have access. Various techniques from high to low tech are commonly used to ensure your network’s security.

Since network installations can differ substantially from another, a customized solution is usually required to ensure your network’s safety. Call me today to discuss your network and see how I can help you.

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