Data Recovery Solutions

Recovering Your Data from Windows PCs or Apple Computers

Reasons for Data LossIt happens all too often, you sit down, start the computer and nothing happens. A failed hard drive or damaged Operating System isn’t all that uncommon, and most of the time these issues are fixable.

It is easy to loose one’s head over this issue but I can assure you that this usually causes more problems than anything else. I have over a decade in Data Recovery experience and am certain that I can help you get your Data back. Even deleted data can be recovered if certain criteria is met, don’t hesitate to call me (250-448-5341) for your consultation.

I can recover data from a wide variety of mediums such as;

Recovering Data
From Servers & Raid Arrays

Servers are usually prepared for hardware failure and therefore have secondary or even tertiary backups. What to do then when your backups which are supposed to save you are damaged or for that matter out of date?

This is where a more complex recovery has to come into the picture in the hopes to either restore an image of your server or reassemble all your data. Either process is lengthy but it is do-able!

Getting Your Photos and Media
From Memory Cards and Sticks

There is nothing more disappointing than pulling your camera’s memory card to transfer the pictures to your computer and find out that it can’t be read. Worse yet your videos or personal data is on your memory stick and it cannot be read.

While these scenarios are serious they do not mean that you have actually lost your information. Many times I can recover most if not all data for you however this depends on the type of failure. Call me today to see if I can help you.

Recovering Your Data
from External Storage

Having an external storage drive should provide you with additional data safety, however it isn’t uncommon for external storage to fail just like their internal counterparts. While various different factors can cause these failures they don’t mean that your data is unrecoverable.

Due to their unusual or poorly ventilated cases, many larger external storage drives have some serious issues with overheating or exposure to electrical shocks. Repairing or recovering external drives, so that I can get you as much of your data as possible, is a slow and lengthy process however usually successful.

Call me today (250-448-5341)  to get your Data back! Please do not continue to start/run your computer with Data loss, as any lost data may be overwritten by new data being created, the longer you run your computer after having deleted or lost data the less data there will be to recover.

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