Home Theater and Component Setup

Buying a new TV/Home Theater
Making sense of all the technology

When buying your new tv or home theater it is easy to get overwhelmed. Do brand names matter? What do the specifications really mean to you and your home theater experience. Plasma, LCD, or LED? Bluray with Wifi or Cat5 Connection? Surround Receiver with built in Airplay and 3D?

Okay so you get the idea, it isn’t easy to see through the forest of acronyms and technology which can be employed in your home. This makes your buying decision even harder especially when you have to consider the little other items you have to consider either because they are absolutely needed or optional items. Call me today and we can discuss your tv and home theater setup together.

Setting up Components
New devices and older home theaters can mix

Buying your new device (TV, BluRay Player, Receiver, etc.) is only half the battle, setting it up with your other equipment and network is a whole different story. From setting up the new player or tv to networking it and clean up the cables I do it all. If you have questions about equipment before buying it I will advise you as well on which will fit your needs and will complement your home theater.

Cable Management
Cleaning out that cable mess behind your TVs

Having smaller tvs and home theaters is a great thing, but why then doesn’t the cable mess disappear behind your setup as well? This can be achieved either by rerouting your cables, removing surplus cables (often we don’t even know we have unused cables behind our tvs) or utilizing wireless equipment to clean up your tv setup. Contact me today and find out how I can help you.

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