Home Theater Solutions

Home Theater and Component Setup
Setup, enhance or customize your home theater experience

Are you looking to add new functions to your home theater? Are you thinking of replacing your DVD with a BluRay player or considering a 3D upgrade to your Home Theater? Knowing what to purchase and especially what accessories are needed to make your setup work properly is always the biggest challenge. Making the whole purchasing and setup experience a simple and most of all stress-free procedure is one of my highest goals. Call me today to see how I can help you with your home theater experience.
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Netflix, Apple TV and Home Theater PCs
Getting more entertainment out of your TV

Almost everyone has heard of Netflix and Apple TVs, and how you can get more advertising free movies and television shows. Getting Netflix can be a very simple process depending on the equipment you have, as most Smart TVs and BluRay Players have the Netflix App uninstalled however there are ease of use differences and these are quiet noticeable. You can also combine items like iTunes and Netflix as well as other online services in various devices, each one coming with advantages as well as disadvantages. Setting you up with the solution best fitting your needs is what I do, call me today to discuss your wishes and needs.
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Universal Remote Solutions
Get rid of the remote and input nightmare

You sit down, want to watch a movie, you get your TV remote and turn it on, choose the input then turn on your receiver or sound bar and set the right input and so on… You get the idea, with many home theaters you end up with numerous remotes which have to be operated for your system to work properly. To have one remote which works regardless of manufacturers and provides stress-free ease of use is possible. Call me today to find out how we can eliminate your extra remotes together.
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