Website and Social Media Setup

Website Development
Get your business website today

Getting a website for your business is a no-brainer, today a website is an essential part to your storefront and requires just as much attention as your brick and mortar location. Developing websites which are easy to administrate and professionally represent your business or organization is something I take pride in. My goal when building your website is not just to create a beautiful representation of your business but also to make sure you can manage it yourself and have all the data you need at hand.

More importantly I am always available for you to ask questions, and provide you with more options regarding your online platform. I work differently than most by working “with” you rather than just for you. Call me today and discuss your website idea.

Your Business & Social Media
Getting yourself listed on Facebook and Twitter

Social Media is a key term in today’s online market, but how is it benefiting you? Too often businesses are being told to setup Social Media accounts but not how to run them, which makes their time investment into any Social Media work usually worth less than it should be. It is important to be aware of your business on social media but also to ensure that you know what to expect of it.

Giving you a clear insight into social media and your business and its worth to your business, if there is one in the first place, is what I do. Call me to discuss your questions and lets work together to see if Social Media is for you.

Increase Your Online Business
Get your business on sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, Tripadvisor and more…

While online platforms like Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc. are all types of Social Media they differ in that they can have a much stronger impact on your business than many of the other platforms. Peer recommendations have become a deciding factor in online success and therefore require special attention.

Engaging your clients on their questions and concerns right away, provides you as an owner with an even greater tool to grow your business. Contact me today to discuss how we can get you an even closer relationship with your customers.

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