Netflix, Apple TV and Home Theater PCs

Netflix Solutions
From Sign-up to Setup on Your Devices

Signing up for your Netflix account and then setting it up on your BluRay Player, Computer, Phone, Tablet or TV can be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be however, call me today and enjoy even more movies and tv shows from the comfort of your home.

Apple TV in Your Home
Enjoy Movie Rentals, and Media Sharing in Your Home

Simple to use and relatively easy to integrate. Apple TVs offer a variety of great features such as viewing your photos, or listen to your favorite music on your tv. The Apple TV doesn’t stop there however as it gives you access to your Netflix and even Hulu accounts to view movies and tv shows. Renting or buying movies, tv shows, and music from the comfort of your own couch has never been this easy. Find out how to make your movie experience even more enjoyable by calling me.

Watch International TV and Movies
Watch Netflix to Hulu and other online Media from other countries

With so many people in Kelowna and the Okanagan coming from different countries it isn’t a surprise that they would want to get news and media from their respective countries. However with the country restrictions put in place on much of the media this has become harder and harder. So enjoying your US Netflix or Hulu account for example can be very difficult, or watching your favorite british, german, indian, russian news networks may seem impossible due to their restrictions. That being said it is possible for you to get access to all your news and shots, call me today for your consultation and stay connected.

Connect Your TV & Computer
Get Your Own Home Theater PC

Do you have a lot of movies, or other media on your computer and would like it to connect to your tv? There are many ways for this to happen one of the more commonly implemented ways is to connect your computer to your tv and using your tv as the computer monitor. There are many other ways for you to achieve this, to find out which is the best for you call me today.

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