Network Solutions

Server Based Networks
For small and medium size business

Setting up a business network is not a small undertaking and requires various considerations. Server based networks can have a single or multiple goals ranging from user control to secure data storage.

Determining which goals fit your needs and provide you with the greatest flexibility and efficiency within your business is what I do.

Peer to Peer Networks
Connecting your workstations and peripherals

peer-to-peer-networkingWhen you are working with a smaller budget or limited amount of workstations you may not need a server based network and can make due with peer to peer networks. These types of networks are usually based on simple security and networking features allowing for basic networking tasks for which you do not require a server.

Some examples of peer to peer networks are printer, folder and media sharing allowing more than one person to access a shared resource. However these networks have their downsides such as; limited number of devices being able to access the resources, limited number of users, and the lack of actual data security.

Wireless (Wifi) Networks
Setting up your home or business wireless

wireless-networksSetting up a wireless network is relatively easy today, as most devices come with instructions or are already setup. The problems start when you setup these networks in different environments, simple items such a microwaves and phones can affect network performance and give users headaches.

Providing your customers with complimentary wireless networks is only smart business however did you know that if you utilize the same network you may expose your business data to the public? Worse yet the information transmitted could be intercepted and your financial data may be viewable to the public. Contact me today to ensure that your wireless network is setup properly and your data is safe from prying eyes.

VPN and Remote Office Setup
For home offices and small business

vpn-networkingTelecommuting by the way of VPN is not uncommon however does require specific hardware and software to ensure your information’s safety. Virtual Private Networks are a relatively simple way to “tunnel” to your office by encrypting your data and giving you access to resources at your office.

Gaining access to your office from home however is not just as simple as “dialing in”. It does require your Office/Business Network to be setup and configured so that you can access resources like data, printers, faxes, etc. from home. Contact me today to find out more information about your VPN and Remote Office setup.

Network Security
For small business and home users

network-securityThe term security in networks is thrown around fairly often without much consideration to its requirements and consequences. Network Security in business and home networks requires various considerations. With more attacks on business as well as home networks with data theft in mind, network security has been thrown into the spot light for everyone.

Most users expect network security to be purely maintained by software however this is not the case. Software is a tool which, while it is capable of being smart, still requires the users to make the important decisions. Contact me today for your network evaluation and consultation.

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