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Operating System Upgrades
Get more security with the latest OS

Upgrading your computer’s operating system is important for a variety of reasons. The most notable one is security, while most computer users were quite used to Windows XP its support period ended in 2014 (a whopping 12 years after its release). This essentially opened nearly 27% of all computers in use up to new malware and virus threats, causing many computer owners grief starting from minor inconveniences to identity theft.

While most computers are capable of upgrading to the latest operating system some will require hardware upgrades to allow newer operating systems to run on them. Call me today to find out if your Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer can run Windows 8.1 or the upcoming Windows 10.

Software Upgrades
Ensuring your software is up to date

From web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome to software like Adobe Flash, Java and many more, upgrading your software is crucial to ensure your computer is safe. Almost weekly or monthly developers release updates for your software, some which are more important than others. While most software updates are fairly straight forward others, such as drivers and specialty pieces of software make updating more challenging.

Especially in industrial or commercial settings software updates can become more complicated due to hardware limitations or custom software requirements. Contact me today to get your systems up to date.

Specialized Software Installs
Interfacing with Machinery or other Hardware

Specialized software can be anything like Point-of-Sales, Hospitality, Restaurant or Industrial Machine Control Software. Setting up this type of software requires some customization of the environment it runs in which can complicate installations. More so you have to be much more cautious with updates to your operating system or with any security program as it may interfere with specialized software.

To discuss your software needs and what I can do for you call me at (250) 448-5341.

Software Troubleshooting
Resolving troublesome Software and Drivers

Software and drivers are many times the most likely culprits for your computer misbehaving. Troubleshooting these can be time consuming however once resolved your computer could run like new. This type of troubleshooting usually goes hand in hand with software upgrades as outdated or mismatched software and drivers can cause a variety of issues.

Contact me today to get your computer brought back up to speed.

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