Tablet and Smartphone Solutions

Tablet or Smartphone Setup
Getting your data to share properly between devices

The day has come you bought your new smartphone or tablet, now you need to set it up and get all your data onto it, but how? While the setting up of a “smart-device” can be relatively simple the questions start to arise when it comes to your email setup, google play store account or apple id and that is only the beginning. Do you have to setup new accounts for each of the features or can you use your current one? How do you get the apps installed, how do you transfer only music or data you need onto your device?

Setting these features up so that you don’t have to create various new accounts just to get the basic features is one of the many things I can assist you with. Once your device is setup for you I want to ensure that every user feels comfortable with their “smart-device”. Call me today to get the most out of your device.

Data Transfer & Recovery
Recover or transfer data from other devices

Transferring from an old phone or tablet to a new one isn’t an impossible task, in fact it can be painless unless you change platforms, operating systems or don’t have backups of your previous device. The biggest problem for most users is the platform difference and change in applications they can run or for that matter not being able to get the data from their old phone in the first place. This can be complicated further by a malfunctioning or damaged phone.

For a normal user these tasks may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. I will sit down with you and discuss which data and software you require on your new device and transfer it if possible for you. Contact me today and find out how I can help you.

Cloud Storage Solutions
Increase your data storage with the cloud

Storing your data in the cloud has its major benefits but it can come with some downsides especially for users in the United States. With services like OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, SugarSync, and many more you may loose your right to privacy especially as a United States Citizen while in Canada we are safe from this kind of search but this still is something to be aware off. Keeping your company or business data inside a third party cloud storage device could put your data at risk and should be carefully considered.

The convenience of cloud storage can not be denied however, being anywhere in the world and accessing your data or for that matter sharing it with colleagues and friends definitely speaks for the storage platform. To ensure you get the most out of the cloud I will help you select the right service and application to fit your needs.

Secure your mobile device
Ensure your data is safe on your tablet or phone

Your data is important and you don’t want just anyone to use your mobile devices or get access to your data. Many mobile device users do not know some of the more crucial safeguards they should employ especially at public hotspots or how to effectively lock your device in larger networks.

Every device comes with a base set of security applications/features but many users fail to even utilize these. Call me today to find out how we can secure your devices and ensure your data’s safety.

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