Universal Remote Solutions

Control Your Experience
Enjoy all your devices with one remote

Many Components come with many remotes, but this doesn’t have to be your reality! Connect all your home theater components, and use only one simple remote. The promise of simple universal remotes will make your tv and movie experience a relaxing one.

Home Control
Integrate your remote with your home

Ever wanted to control your lights, blinds, fans, or even your home thermostat? Universal Remotes aren’t just for home theaters, computers, stereos or just tvs anymore. Home automation is becoming more and more common, and the cost of it is dropping considerably. Find out how you can have your home controlled by remote today.

Make your phone your universal remote
Make your Smartphone do even more

Did you know that with some technology and know-how your phone or tablet can control your televisions and other components in the house? Through new technology which has become available to the consumer over the last five years we can now have a second or third remote in the house for those moments that you cannot find the original one or just want to use your phones. Give me a call today to find out how I can help you in making your phone become the one device to do it all (well almost).

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