Windows 10 can disable Pirated Software and Hardware

Windows 10 can disable Pirated Software and Hardware

As we all expected more things are coming to light about Windows 10 which should cause you to pause when considering your update to Windows 10.

In the last few days it was discovered that Microsoft hid another little Gem in their EULA. It basically states that Microsoft reserves the right to check your software and disable any software it deems “pirated” or hardware peripherals it doesn’t feel are acceptable. How far this extents to third-party programs and hardware is still unclear but the overall picture is pretty clear. Windows 10 provides Microsoft with unprecedented access to your programs, files and hardware, something that should anyone concerned with their privacy today pause and think.

While this makes sense in matters of Software Piracy, the hardware issue concerns me a little. This does explain their “force updates” however as well as their ambiguous ability to check the files and software you use at their discretion.

I truly hope Microsoft understands that this paints a very negative image of Windows 10 and may actually cause a serious drop in support from the business community.

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