Windows 10, should you upgrade?

Windows 10, should you upgrade?

Okay Windows 10 is here… Should you upgrade? I will answer that question with a strong “NO”. You should wait at least 6 months as some of the little easter eggs, microsoft placed in it, are starting to come to light.

So far the list is;

  • Microsofts Privacy Policy States that they have the right to look at your data at any time, even if it is in private folders.
  • Windows 10 Updates cannot be disabled or just downloaded without installing them (so much for choice based on your internet connection)
  • WiFi Password sharing, sounds great to have the ability to share any of the wireless networks you have been on with your address book contacts right? It would if it wasn’t a major security risk and turned on without your knowledge.
  • Cortana… Yes the Siri of apple, great idea to have it on a tablet or desktop… Again only if you are okay with having your voice analyzed by someone else some where else on this planet… (Side note Cortana is currently unavailable in Canada but should become accessible by the end of the year)
  • Microsoft Edge *cough* Explorer… While Edge is supposed to be a completely new browser many of the system links, and code still refer to it as Microsoft Explorer. It is unclear if this is because the programmers just were lazy and didn’t change references from Windows 8.1 or if EDGE in the end is just a heavily modified version of Internet Explorer.

This is what so far has come to light, in one day. I caution anyone upgrading right away and maybe wait a little while longer before making the plunge.

I should add, Windows 10, has these abilities only to improve your service and the quality of the product… (I still would wait until software is available to disable some of these “service improvements”)

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